Stress management session for SSC students at JNPV school

Interactive session with 300 SSC exam going students on stress management. There is a need to listen to adolescent and provide solutions to their complex problems. Interesting questions put forth by students a fornight before exam. Importance of per unit utilisation of time, mindfulness exercise, prioritisation , dealing with procrastination etc were dealt during the session. 


2 thoughts on “Stress management session for SSC students at JNPV school

  1. Excellent work.
    This kind of sessions every student must attend. Eevery school must provide assistance to every child to be better prepared and excel in the exam.
    My gratitude to Dr Chetan Vispute for this wonderful work


  2. The emotional fact is that, the school in which you were the student is now a ‘respected guest!’ What a fantastic honour you have earned with your self hardwork! I really appreciate you by heart!


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